— Activities —

What ever you want to do, we will help you with the equipment rental the best we can. We would also be happy to come and guide you the best locations in the surroundings! 

You can find more inspiration from our photo gallery. We have taken all pictures ourselves while exploring the nearby areas of Villa Rauha!

Snow cover time

When the snow is on the ground, the choices for activities can be found on Villa's yard as well in the surrounding nearby areas. Usually the snow cover time is from October to May.

Cross country and forest skiing can be done straight from the villa's yard.

Off piste skiing can be done in nearby fells like Keimiötunturi, Lommoltunturi and on Pallas' many fells. 

Before the snow arrives in full there can be a small chance to go skating on the lake.

With snow shoes and altai skis you are free to choose your own path since with those you can go everywhere.

Fatbike is idea on the lake after the snow scooter trail is hard enough. You can of course ride on the snowy road. 

In addition the Levi and Ylläs offers lot more to do and experience. How about a reindeer or husky ride? Or have you tried snowmobiling already?

Snowless time

Even if the Lappish summer is not long and hot, you can experience very many different things during the snowless period between May and October.

Usually the ice cover melts from Lake Jerisjärvi in late May - early June and with proper equipment you can go paddling straight away but SUP boarding is not recommended before the midsummer. For more active ones rafting is something to try on the border river Muonionjoki which runs between Finland and Sweden.

There are endless routes for hiking, walking, biking and  trail running in the nearby National park of Ylläs-Pallas. Rauhala village is situated in the halfway of the popular Ylläs-Pallas route (ca. 130 km).

On the Villa's own yard there are lots of wild herbs and berries that grow only under northern midnight sun. The surrounding forests have mushroom and the "Lappish gold" cloudberries can also be found on nearby swamps. All berries and mushroom can be picked from the forest freely without any permits. Also our garden offers some superfood and if you happen to stay here during the harvest season, you are welcome to use everything from the yard.

Any time

Indoors and outdoors offers also something to do regardless of the weather.

The most popular and our most recommended activity is "nothing": Sit into the the cozy living room chair, take a look outside and enjoy. Crawl inside the air yoga swing, close your eyes and relax. Put a hammock between the birches, climb in, look at the clouds, stars, northern lights and listen to the silence.

If you miss something more to do, make dough and bake some "pulla" or "rieska". What could be more fun than eating a delicious warm results of a dough therapy. Or would you like to learn to make traditional food on a fire? Blazed salmon or reindeer stew are a nice dishes to be cooked slowly and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

With the help of WiFi and Chromecast in the tv you can watch your favorite media content and the bluetooth speaker plays all your favorite songs.

Existing routes, paths and points of interest

Our perfect location offers a huge amount of routes and places to visit just around the corner. 

Here are direct links for pages of Pallas-Yllästunturi National park and Discover Muonio, where from you can find lots of choices to see and experience: